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County Treasurer

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Welcome to the Treasurer’s Department.  The County Treasurer is chief custodian of county finance, receiving and disbursing all monies belonging to the county and serves as the paying agent for juror payments. As fiscal officer, the Treasurer invests all funds available in accordance with the Commissioners Court. Elected by voters, the Treasurer serves for four years.

Functions of the County Treasurer:

  • Receiving and accounting for all county monies
  • Applying and disbursing monies as directed by the Commissioners
  • Serving as liaison between the county and the depository bank
  • Making monthly financial reports to the Commissioners.
  • Initiating and managing all investments of funds
  • Coordinating and assisting with employee benefits
  • Coordinating and assisting with employee retirement
  • Serving as Human Resources Administrator

Specific Duties of the Treasurer’s office:

  • Working with Departments and public for receiving and disbursing funds, including county payroll, election worker payroll, jury duty payments and general payments of County expenses
  • Preparation of payroll for over 500 county employees. Manages all deductions, reports; Texas County and District Retirement System; Employee Deferred Compensation Plan; Investment Programs; Employee Payroll Direct Deposit Program, Quarterly 941 and Annual W2's.
  • Bank Reconciliation of all county financial accounts



Mission Statement:

We hope to provide efficient, courteous, and professional service to the people of Reeves County while making sure that our main duties of chief custodian are carried out in the utmost exemplary manner. We aim to make each visit to the Treasurer’s office a pleasant experience. 







Zulema E. Rodriguez
County Treasurer

Reeves County Courthouse
100 E 4th Street
Suite 10279772
(432) 287.0222 Option 8
(432 445-1384 (Fax)
Monday - Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM